Key Hand Poker

Coaching: 1. Read some books

Poker is a mixture of luck and skill, but luck has less effect in deepstacked tournaments where many hundreds of hands are played. It is beneficial to read as much as possible to understand the various plays, decision making, bet sizing, and bluffs.

Recommended Reading:

Harrington on Hold'em volumes 1 to 3

The three Harrington on Hold'em strategy books are essential reading to understand the basic mechanics of the game. Harrington is regarded as a fairly tight player but with some occasional moves such as the squeeze play. Volume three is a workbook which shows the thinking behind the various scenarios.

Gus Hansen, Every Hand Revealed

Gus Hansen is a successful loose aggressive player (LAG). In this book, he runs through every hand during his 2007 Aussie Millions win and demonstrates the advantages of being aggressive.

Arnold Snyder, The Poker Tournament Formula

This book is very useful for tournaments and highlights some plays when you don't have the cards. Especially good for sit 'n' gos (SNG) with 6-10 players.

Doyle Brunson, Super System 2

Doyle Brunson, the 'Grandfather of Poker, wrote the original text book on poker strategy with sections written by different authors.

Poker Player Magazine

The Poker Player Magazine is a useful monthly reminder with news, freeroll codes, good instructional features, a big strategy section and a quiz.