Key Hand Poker

Features: 2. Viewing the Key Hand output

The program automatically selects the key hands played during the game and displays a summary table at the top of the output file followed by the full list of hands actions from the whole game.

  • Clicking on the will take you to the first key hand.
  • Clicking on the will take you to the first played hand.

The following example shows a multi-table tournament where the first 10 Key Hands were hand numbers 3, 7, 10, 13, 19, 21, 30, 33, 58 and 62. Note the big gap between 33 and 58 shows that the player was either asleep, card-dead, or playing extremely tight.

Clicking on the first row takes you to the first key hand (the third played hand in the example below).

The and icons are also displayed at the top of each hand. Clicking on these icons again take you to the next Key hand or the next Played hand.